Use of present perfect tense

Have they rejected me?
We use the Present Perfect Tense to talk about an action which started in the past and continuous up to now.
Have we sent a request?Affirmative (Positive) gratis strumpor Sentence Subject Auxiliary Verb Rest of the sentence.The verb to be - the Present Simple Tense.Examples, i have been a teacher for more than ten years.Is your homework ready?Rule 1 Unspecified Time before Now.I've worked here for six months.Yes/No type Question Auxiliary Subject Verb Rest of the sentence?

He isn't here now.
How long have you been here?
Learn how to form the Present Perfect Tense.
Topic 4 An Uncompleted Action You Are Expecting We gratis filmer online lagligt often use the present perfect to say that an action which we expected has not happened.Examples: I have had a cold for two weeks.Hope the following topics will be useful to understand.She graduated from university less than three years ago.experiencecontinues up to nowpresent result We haven't worked on a farm.Negative Sentences Subject Auxiliary Not Past Participle Rest of the sentence I have not had breakfast already.I've known Julie for ten years.Has She achieved in her life?I've liked chocolate since I was a child.

Statement: You have seen that movie many times.
They've gone to Japan for three weeks (now they're in Japan).