To present meaning

to present meaning

To bring before or introduce to the public: to present a new play.
Last night Phil Donahue was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award, by the National Academy of Television Arts and the voice presenter Sciences.
(of a patient) to have a certain symptom or medical condition, especially as reported during a medical examination: A 22-year-old man presents with shortness of breath.
I have been learning German since yesterday.I presented 29 awards and was able to announce that a further 500 companies are committed to meeting this standard.What investing in people means to such venture capitalists is identifying.Tom has ettåring present been watching TV all day.

Ms Rogers will present her ideas to the Board at next week's julramar gratis meeting.
To show or exhibit: This theater will present films on a larger screen.
This evening PBS presents the first part of a six-part historical drama about the Civil War.I ve worked here for 20 years.They are presented in Table.These are air-borne and are also present in some foods, most notably in eggs. the gases present in the Earths atmosphere2 memory not before noun to be felt strongly or remembered for a long timepresent in The memory of her brothers death is still present in her mind.3 time only before nounNOW happening or existing now the present situation.