Simple present vs present continuous

simple present vs present continuous

Answer questions correctly to have a chance at rolling the dice.
Present Progressive Snakes and Ladders Game.
Billy: Hi, Mrs Kane.She s eating an apple now.She eats fruit every day.We use the present simple to talk about routines what you do every day or rabat ellos every week.I watch cartoons every day.Keep playing until you win.She is talking on the phone now.Sally: What _ tomorrow?

This summer we _ to Portugal.(to go).
Sally: He _ with friends.(to stay).
Examples, i play tennis every Sunday.
I'm speaking on the phone for things happening now, i love brown rice for things which are true, put the verb in brackets into the correct form, present simple or continuous.(NOT I am waking up every morning at 7:00.).They arent reading a book now.Don't bother me now.For the present simple, add s or es for he/she/it.

I m watching a film now.
I m playing hockey now.
I wake up every morning at 7:00.