Presently definition

All started at speed to meet her, but presently Mrs.
To represent, impersonate, or act, as on the stage.
To manifest a symptom.
The matter in hand.To bring forth or render for or before another or others; offer for consideration: to present an alternative plan.Mentally alert and calm, especially in emergencies.From, cambridge English Corpus, the analysis we present is not restricted to electron-ion plasmas, the result is also valid for electron-positron plasmas.Used of the part of the fetus that proceeds first through the birth canal.Explore m, idioms at present, at the present time or moment; now: There are no job openings here at present.Noting an action or state occurring at the moment of speaking or writing: Knows is a present form in He knows that.(of a patient) to have a certain symptom or medical condition, especially as reported during a medical examination: A 22-year-old man presents with shortness of breath.As "exhibit (something offer for inspection, display also, in law, "make a formal complaint or charge bose rabatt of wrongdoing." From.1400 as"represent, portray." Related: Presented; presenting.The present writings, or this document, used in a deed of conveyance, a lease, etc., to denote the document itself: Know all men by these presents that.Raymount sank on the grass.(of a medical condition) to be evident from the presence of certain symptoms: Depression often presents with disturbed sleep or appetite.

To set forth in words; frame or articulate: to present arguments.
To bring against, as a formal charge against a person.
To introduce (a person) to another, especially in a formal manner: Mrs.
She went to put on her hat and cloak, and presently they were in the street.
See pre-, is, -ent, related formspresentness, noun, synonyms for present.Benefaction, grant, tip, gratuity.Noting or pertaining to a tense or other verb formation with such meaning.He knew the voice, sent his eyes looking and presently found her who called him.Smith, may I present.Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.Copyright Statement, these files are public domain.SEE more synonyms FOR present ON.From Cambridge English Corpus This is purely chilli rabattkod for the author's convenience in presenting these results in the paper and demonstrating the robot.Antonyms for present.