Present simple i do

What else can we do?
My father (to work) at an office.
I / you / we / they / do not (don't) speak, englosh.
Ice skating can be graceful and beautiful.We iced, you iced, you iced, he/She/It iced.Children, look at the board, read the words after.Okey, boys and girls, lets start the ball rolling.Are you good at ice skating?He / she / does not (doesn't) speak, english.Two vanilla ice creams please.Do you / we / they / speak, english?

I clean teeth every day.
Will the ice bear our weight?
The children (to attend) a nursery school before they (to go) to school.
You will retell your home dialogues, then well work over the Present Simple Tense.Canada, a country covered with snows and ices eight months of the year, inhabited by tidningskungen presentkort barbarians, bears and beavers.I will give you half of my ice cream.Thats all for today, children.We usually (to go out) town for the weekend.We have an unusual lesson today.

We are going to speak about daily routine, about what we usually do every day.
Canada is the motherland of ice hockey.
Not, do, men, these, work, office, a,.