Present perfect sentences examples

present perfect sentences examples

Check yourself: 1) collection 2) together 3) different 4) easy 5) should, countries, people 6) modern, collection.
We dont like to sit in the open air and enjoy nature.
What date is it today?Who is absent today?We _ to read this book recently (to finish).His elder brother _ to play rugby lately (to learn).Have finished .Thank you for your work and attention!I _ to this song yesterday (to listen).

What word order do we have in the affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences in the Past Simple and in the Present Perfect?
What words do we have to understand why do we use this tense?
Listen to the student speaking about his hobbies.
Harry is fond of making films.Is it cold today?Our favorite type of music is rock.How old are you?How do you keep fit?My parents _ to the theatre with our aunt last week (to go).My younger brother is fond.My aunt is fond of My uncle is fond of My grandmother is fond.My grandfather is fond.1) English families arent fond of having picnics.2) My friends spa presentkort uppsala hobbies are very different.