Present perfect passive

present perfect passive

Someone has sent John a mysterious letter.
You will have graduated from university by the panda spelletjes gratis time his sister grows.
(to translate) by Victor.
Has large homework been given?
Fresh apples have been brought from the garden.I have been asked to come earlier.He (she/it) has been told.Have/has S been V3, i have been told, i have not been given.The question is going to have been repeated for the third exempel på fullmakt gratis time by the time he answers.

The flowers have been watered by Molly.
We have opened all the windows.
Have the exercises been done by all the pupils?
The TV-set has just been switched off.
The flowers have already been watered.The homework has just been finished.The documents have been sent.All the sentences in text B are in Present Perfect Passive.Someone has used the computer without permission.These documents have been brought by your secretary.Have you done your task?They have built a new house.They have offered Michael an excellent job in a British company.The furniture has been dusted by the boys.