Present per post

present per post

I'm posting you a cheque tonight.
Have you ever seen this film?
Future Continuous Tense, he/She/It will/shall be posting.
Ive been to Los Angeles.
He has called his girlfriend five times this evening.Has the bygghemma rabattkod post come?Have you ever traveled abroad?They have taught me Russian.i try to do my best.The story has been told to children.I have eaten in this restaurant.Ive already fed the cat.Post-holder n titulaire mf du poste post-industrial adj society postindustriel (le) post-modern, postmodern adj (post-modernist) postmoderne Ripe with in-jokes, self-references, and post-modern metaphor, the movie questions a too-civilized world.

Soldier, sentry, guard, policeman poster Police have now been posted outside all temples.
Rex has smashed my plant pots.
To carry out a post-mortem procéder à une autopsie a post-mortem on sth (examination of) une dissection de qch the post-mortem on the election results The post-mortem on the presidential campaign is under way.
Are you going out to the post?
To post a sign up mettre un écriteau He has posted a sign up that says "No Fishing".Past Perfect Continuous Tense, he/She/It had been posting.Did you find apk for android?Today he has visited two galleries.I have read that book.We havent been to Rome since our honeymoon.She has been to Madrid.The prisoner was bound to a post and shot.

Paul is the most humble person Ive ever met.