Present nioåring

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I think that's enough.
Is he smil ing?
Is she ly ing?She is gratis synundersökning barn listening to music.He is working on the report.He is not swimming now.Are we you they Why are we riding this horse?Now I need some food and drink.Three more days and he will be fine.

He is staying in New York for three months.
We are not listen ing.
I can't wait to see him.Where are you going?She is not ly ing.It seems to me she's a bit annoyed.I don't like.You are not you're not, you aren't You're not using your computer.She is not she's not, she isn't, she's not going shopping.Isn't your girlfriend looking perfect?We are having breakfast.

Who are you talking to?
Is it shin ing?
Yes, we are./No, we arent.