Present environmental problems

And what do you think what we can do to save our planet from air and water pollution?
What is the first problem?
People are beginning to realize that environmental problems are not somebody else's.
To collect paper, metal, boxes.
When you hear five open your eyes.If there are no plants in a city, many people could be affected because cars and factories produce inanimate gases which are harmful to humans.Can you imagine how many that is over a year?I never break glass bottles.We must remove rubbish from lakes and rivers.Ecological disasters do not happen presentkort resor ticket by chance.An even greater environmental threat are nuclear power stations.The water is calm You are moving slowly You are feeling calm Your face is calm Your body is calm your arms are calm Your legs are calm Now you are coming back.I dont throw litter in public places.

Toxic gases appear in the atmosphere in critical concentration of carbon dioxide is expected to increase at rates that could change the worlds climate.
Birds and animals disturbed.
There are five ideas to save our planet: - Saving water; - BuyingWaste materials; - Using less energy; - Plants and nature.
Change your habits and youll soon be green.
Children, you know there are a lot of environmental problems in our region.If present trends continue for the next several decades, our planet will become uninhabitable.If you are thirsty do you buy water?In several years tourists will find fewer beaches where its safe to swim.They say the Earth is in dangers.We must save our planet!The water polluted, birds not fed.(The teacher gives flowers made of sweets to pupils.The seas are in danger.Use your own eco-friendly bag when you go shopping.