Present 11 årig pojke

present 11 årig pojke

I _ (lose) my money!
They (to come back) from their honey moon yet?
Complete the answers with for or since.
My brother and I _ (not see) any films this week.
I have trained six times a week all year.Dear Amy I _ (1 not have) a letter from you for a long time.Nick has already called his Granny Nick has already bought some food and drinks Nick hasnt cleaned the parrots cage yet.Ben has studied English _ three years.Write what he has done and what he hasnt done.

Shazadah Ali Malik döms till fängelse ett år för rån och narkotikabrott.
Zork and Zena (speak) English?
He has so much present 6 årig kille to tell you.
Enligt polisen gjorde man under torsdagen kontroller på olika platser för att söka finna pojken, dock utan resultat.
Zena (see) a film?I bought the new Steps CD at the weekend.How long have you lived in London?He has been a teacher since September.Dear Mum and Dad, I've lived in Africa since two weeks and I love översättning ryska till svenska gratis it!Has already planned Has been.Have you ever driven a car?Trish: No, ladida rabattkod I _ (7) .Gone to a concert?