Perfect present continuous

perfect present continuous

They (to play) since breakfast time.
I have never eaten mango.
Hop, bring, wear, teach, sit, leave, use, come, travel, put, try, shop, watch, clean, tidy, invite, say, continue, take, begin, get, make, plan, cut, eat, catch.I (to stay) with some American friends in Chicago.Has he ever been abroad?She around the world for months, so shell be glad to get home.This man (to be) a writer.He hasnt played the cello since he broke his bow.Ill call you when I ve got home.How long has she been learning French?I have been learning German since yesterday.

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Rose: Im sorry, Olga.
I (to wait) for you since two o'clock.
I _ (try on) these clothes for two hours.
I (to put) them into my pocket.You have been play ing.I have been staying here for a month.He (to play) volleyball with his friends.He hasnt been running.Have they been work ing?She has wanted to become an actress since her childhood.I have eaten in this restaurant many times.After he graduates from Harvard, he will find a promising job.This is the factory where my father (to work).