Past tense or present perfect

I've called him 2 months ago.
Yes, actually, its my current job.
The period of time is still continuing.
I have met him this month.Daughter: Well, but my friend Lucy (call) when I (arrive) and I (finish / just) the phone call.It is wet and cold at the moment as it has been raining hard.Its ages since we spoke.The first time we met was just the other day.With a finished time word (last week, last month, yesterday I saw, john last week.Mr Perfect: How long have you been a designer?He cant walk ellos rabattkod varumärken now because he has broken his leg.I think he has gone to the theater.Helen hasn't been to New York.Have you ever been to a Korean restaurant?A) heard b) have heard.

I've just seen Tom.
The last time I saw typsnitt fraktur gratis Mary ages ago.
A) went b) has gone.
(if the person is dead) Examples: My Mother went to America four times.
We from him recently.( He found himself a new job and he isnt working in Berlin).We moved here when I was.However; Simple Past Tense is used to express finished events.A) saw b) have seen.They had several exams last year.How many projects have you accomplished?Click here for more information about the past simple tense.( this month is not over yet tretti se rabattkod 2018 ) Simple Past Tense is used with finished time words ( yesterday, last week, in 2000, etc.