Open office powerpoint presentation

open office powerpoint presentation

Format and align characters and paragraphs Change or resize the font Note: You must first select the text that you wish to change to use these keyboard shortcuts.
20 Microsoft, the main contributor to the standard, provided a covenant not to sue 21 for its patent licensing.
Ctrlshiftc Paste formatting only.
Ctrlt Change the case of letters between sentence, lowercase, or uppercase.Not to be confused with, openDocument, Open Office gratis körkortsfrågor mc XML, or, microsoft Office XML formats.12 This standard was then fast-tracked in the Joint Technical Committee 1 of ISO and IEC.Ctrlshiftb Show or hide a focused item.P, page UP, left arrow, UP arrow, or backspace Go to slide number.Ctrla (in Slide Sorter view) Select all text.

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Backspace Delete one word to the left.
Ctrlshiftf Increase the font size.
To ungroup a group, select the group, and press CtrlShiftG.6, contents, background edit, in 2000, Microsoft released an initial version of an XML -based format for Microsoft Excel, which was incorporated in Office.Ctrlshift Apply character formats To do this Press Open the Font dialog box to change the formatting of characters.After initially failing to pass, an amended version of the format received the necessary votes for approval as an ISO/IEC Standard as the result of a JTC 1 fast-tracking standardization process that concluded in April 2008.Use the Up and Down arrow keys to select the type of object you want to insert, and then press Enter to insert.