Learn present tense

Does Subject ( He, She, It ) V1 ( First Form of Verb ).
You look very beautiful.
Present Continuous Tense:- Present Continuous Tense is used to describe a zooplus rabattkupong continued or an ongoing action of the present.
Notes: We use other question words ( Like Who, What, Why, How much / many, How often etc.) in present tense.Are we having breakfast?Interrogative negative Tense Rule:- Do /Does subject notverb 1st formobject? He _ a car.She is eating an apple now.InterrogativeNegative Tense Rule:- Has/Have subjectnot verb 3rd formobject?Are we not having breakfast?My brother comes tomorrow.He has eaten an apple today.Question Words (who, what, why, how much / many, how often etc.) do / does subject pronoun ( he, she, it, I, you, we, they) V1 ( First Form of Verb ) Examples: Where do you wait for him every month?

Use of since:-When exact time of work or verb has given, than since is used in the sentence.
The film starts at 8 oclock every week.
The lesson starts at nine every day.
Thomas always listens to slow musics.Riya works as a teacher in a school.We have been eating apples for the last three months.Do not ( Dont ) you get tea?They have eaten apples today.I put the keys on the table.Using OF simple present tense:.We have not been living in this town since 1980.Time expressions: Every ( day, week, month, year, weekend, Monday,etc.) Once / twice / three times a week / month / year Mountly In the evenings / mornings / afternoons On Sundays / Mondays, Fridays, etc.Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

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