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V39:5-95-109 (1996) PDF.2MB* "Foretesting a Soviet ABM System" by Edward Tauss, gratis frågor om körkort Stud.
V47:1-51-56 (2003) PDF 324.3KB* Peterson, John.
Bass, Streeter, "Beaumarchais and the American Revolution", Stud.Also states that attaché reporting was not especially valued during World War.V47:1-57-65 (2003) PDF 576.7KB* Argues that intelligence analysis needs the organizing input of methodologists just as much as other disciplines.Abrahamson, Sherman., "Intelligence for Economic Defense", Stud.Of particular merit are his observations on how analysts can be most helpful to senior policymakers.V5:4-A15-A28 (Fall 1961) PDF 533.7KB* "The Kaiser Sows Destruction" by Michael Warner, Stud.V18:1-61-67 (Spring 1974) PDF 453.4KB* Praises the author for raising important questions about governmental decisionmaking but criticizes the application of theory to Soviet behavior in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.V17:4-1-62 (Winter 1973) PDF.2MB* Lexow, Wilton., "The Enigma of Soviet BW", Stud.

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Terechow, William, "The Soviet Atlas as a Source", Stud.
"The Map in Field Reporting" by Louis Thomas, Stud.
V47:4-77-82 (2003) PDF.0KB* Brief review of a biography of William Colby that attempts to correct what the author sees as misjudgments about Colby and the consequences of his actions of, to some degree, opening up the Agency to public and congressional scrutiny.V20:2-31-44 (Summer 1976) PDF 756.6KB* The article describes Bayesian analysis, using the Delphi (expert) technique and applying it to calculating the probabilities that a war will break out between Israel and Arab states within the next 30 days.V6:2-A35-A47 (Spring 1962) PDF 528KB* Pforzheimer, Walter, "Public Texts in Intelligence", Stud.Stresses, in particular, those principles related to coping with change, breaking down organizational barriers, improving quality, training managers, and building expertise.Summer 2000, No 9:11-18, PDF 587.7KB* Appelbaum, Henry., "Vernon Walters-Renaissance Man", Stud.V3:4-59-71 (Fall 1959) PDF 682KB* Top of page Danger from Moscow by Joseph Heisler aka.