How to explain present perfect

It has not finished.
It is used with the simple past.
I have gratis revisor worked for this company for 4 months.
Why did I use for?This is the important thing to remember about using the present perfect in this situation: the activity, action, or event is still going.We have been married for 30 years.Lets look at some examples.For example: You look tired.Another is that the present perfect continuous is especially used when the action is ending or changing.I have been a vegetarian since I was a young boy.Second, take the quiz to make sure youre using the tense ica kortet rabatt tosselilla correctly.I finished studying French 2 years ago.It has been such a miserable day.That means it must be present perfect simple, not present continuous.

She has smoked (cigarettes) since she was a teenager.
It is easier to understand the present perfect tense if you can remember the different situations in which it can be used.
Youre working hard today.
I have lived in Canada my entire life.
Ive been reading, harry Potter this week ( since Monday).I have lived in Paris for 7 years.I am not studying French now.).Hes cleaning the windows at the moment.Complete this challenge and youll become more comfortable using the grammar you learn.The present perfect is used to talk about an action that started in the past and continues in the present.I could have used since, but only with the present perfect: I have studied French since 2000.If it's no longer the morning and it's now afternoon or evening, the past simple is more likely for this (I saw Tom).

We were in the same class at school.