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Huddinge won the qualification series and thus continued to play in HockeyAllsvenskan for yet another season, while Borås finished second and advanced to HockeyAllsvenskan.
(With Södertälje back in HockeyAllsvenskan, gratis gästbok the Stockholm area was re-established on the second level.) The qualification system for the teams 47 to qualify for Kvalserien was changed this season.
Leksand and Södertälje were both relegated from Elitserien.
Rögle became the first HockeyAllsvenskan playoff team in history to promote to Elitserien, a feat which Örebro HK subsequently duplicated in 2013.
With just one team qualifying for HockeyAllsvenskan this season, neither Nybro (third) nor Huddinge (fourth) succeeded in staying in the second division.Inga sändningar finns för aktuellt urval.Until the 198182 season the Division 1 leagues were played over the entire season and followed by play-offs and.After the regular season, teams 1 and 2 play the HockeyAllsvenskan Final in best of five games, and teams 3-8 play the HockeyAllsvenskan Slutspelsserie, a single meeting round robin tournament, where teams 3-5 start with 3, 2 and 1 bonus points, respectively, and play one.The top four teams from each of them were promoted for the later half of the season to the same kind of league as the previous years of Allsvenskan, but that league was named.Top Events live, today (3 February, Sunday show All.However, in June the Swedish Ice Hockey Association (siha) decided not to grant Björklöven elite license for the upcoming season due to financial concerns and thus Björklöven was relegated to Division 1 and Sundsvall was given a spot in HockeyAllsvenskan next season.With AIK advancing to the Elitserien, and no other team from the area in the league, nor any new one promoted from Division 1, this meant that the 201011 season would be the first time ever with no team from the Stockholm area in the.

Instead, the two Elitserien teams Södertälje and Rögle managed to keep their spots.
Huddinge and Hammarby finished last in the league this year and had to play in the qualification series to stay.
The best of five final was also abandoned.
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Lars Nilsson / Frilansfotograferna, göran Johansson / Frilansfotograferna, johan Dali / Frilansfotograferna.Participating teams (as of the 201819 season) edit HockeyAllsvenskan team map Team City Arena Capacity AIK Stockholm Hovet 8,094 Almtuna IS Uppsala Metallåtervinning Arena 2,800 IF Björklöven Umeå A3 Arena 5,400 BIK Karlskoga Karlskoga Nobelhallen 6,300 Karlskrona HK Karlskrona Telenor Arena Karlskrona 5,050 Leksands.Det är helt gratis att streama matcherna!Om du bara är intresserad av att streama enstaka hockeymatcher kan du även göra det.The teams met each other two times, giving a total of 6 rounds.Kvalserien was played for survival in Allsvenskan; instead, the four worst teams in Allsvenskan were relegated.This also meant that no team from Division 1 qualified for HockeyAllsvenskan this season.