Have present perfect tense

Where he (to be) now?
He (to run) for ten minutes without any rest.
Has he been game of thrones streama gratis runn ing?
Complete List of rabattkod stora enso Present Perfect Continuous Forms.Did you find apk for android?What they (to do) now?I have always wanted to go to London.I want to go to London.After he graduates from Harvard, he will find a promising job.Go home and do your homework.Have you only been waiting here for one hour?

You have gone to school.
In the grammar of languages such as Latin and Ancient Greek, the form most closely corresponding to the English "present perfect" is known simply as the perfect.
In standard French, a verb that is used reflexively takes être to be rather than avoir to have as auxiliary in compound past tenses ( passé composé, plus-que-parfait, passé antérieur, futur antérieur).Have we been writing?The action is not necessarily complete; and the same is true of certain uses of the basic present perfect when the verb expresses a state or a habitual action: "I have lived here for five years.".) Nous sommes arrivé(e)s (We have arrived, literally we are arrived.He has not been runn ing.