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Once youve collected the coordinates to the place(es) you want to add to the Geocaching service, use the Places button to find all of them, which is where you can tap to open them digi sport 2 online gratis and then share them with yourself with the built-in share button.
Cachly is not a free geocaching app but unlike the official one listed above, this geocaching app only requires a one-time payment (4.99) to get features like offline vector maps, lists, and advanced searching capabilities.
You can still view basic details and navigate to the caches, but not all of the information about the cache will be displayed.
show/hide found caches youve already found, show/hide caches that are inactive, and filter results for size, difficulty, and terrain levels.
There are millions of caches that are yet to be found and those who seek adventure, can discover new and beautiful places with the help of GPS.Since caches can only be placed over 161m from any other one, the circle is a great way to visually see how far away from your last cache you can go to place another so that they arent rejected.Dont forget to bring a pen!It can also hide your hidden geocaches, exclude ignored caches, remove inactive ones from the map, and exclude archived geocaches.It is easy to use and will guide you through the first steps gratis mönster stickade vantar to find your geocaches.What we like: Caches and maps can be saved for offline use You can log caches without an internet connection A signature template lets you log caches easier and faster Your own favorite GPS navigation app can be used to find the cache There isn't.Send the coordinates to your email so that you can access them on a computer and add them through m).

The following lists might include some in your region.
Die Geocache App führt den User auf eine abenteuerliche Suche nach seinen ersten Schätzen und erteilt so manche Tipps, Hinweise und Anleitungen für ein cleveres und erfolgreiches Geocaching.
You can also tinker with advanced settings like hardware acceleration, low-power mode, the orientation sensor, the database storage location, and the GPX import/export directory.Alle Treffer lassen sich nach Entfernung sortieren.Geooh Live is another free geocaching app for smartphones.Bei der Schatzsuche gibt es folgende Kartenoptionen: Straße, Satellit und, hybrid.Platform, license, offline Maps supported, oSM tiles, oSM vector map.Apple Maps makes Geocaching simple.Events for OSM and Geocaching There are several Events and Conferences dealing with OSM and about the geocaching community.