Birthday presents for girls

At school the birthday child wears a colored dress and passes out chocolates to the entire class, with the help of a trusted friend.
A party is then given to introduce her to everyone as a young woman.
On the twenty-first birthday a key made of anything from paper to aluminum foil to silver to gold is presented by the parents as a sign that the child is ready to unlock the door to their future.
This way every girl can see that this man reached the age of 30 and still doesn't have a girlfriend (and that he can clean a house very well!).Any ideas are appreciated.Egypt - Egyptian birthday parties are filled with dancing and singing when a child turns one year old.A garland is hung around the entire door of the home of the birthday person.The child gets tapped on mall anbud gratis the arm for each birth year.A big party which includes a formal dinner is held.A baby turns one on Tet no matter when he/she was born that year.The piñata is the most important item.The Vietnamese do not know or acknowledge the exact day they were born.The father puts on the birthday girls first pair of high heels and dances the waltz with her while 14 maids and 14 boys also dance the waltz.Also, when its your birthday your friends give you the "bumps" they lift you in the air by your hands and feet and raise you up and down to the floor, one for each year then one for luck, two for luck and three for.

Today, small figures, fake coins and small candies are more common.
When a girl turns 15 there is a great celebration and the girl wears a pink dress.
Children in Argentina receive pulls on the earlobe for their birthday.Germany - Candles left burning for the day.An afternoon feast with family and friends is held in the person's honor, and the celebrant usually dresses in clothing with a white background.The child's ears are pulled as many times as how old they are turning.Bar mitzvah translates to "son of the commandments." Bat mitzvah translates to "daughter of the commandments." Preparation for the public ceremony usually takes from one to four years or more of Hebrew and religious studies.In some Latin American countries, a young woman changes her shoes from flats to heels during the ceremony.While held upside down, the birthday celebrant is gently bumped on the floor one time for every year of their age - plus one extra for good luck!

Nepal -Mark on the forehead.
The whole family usually goes to church together to thank god, and a celebration with close family and friends may follow.
A member of the birthday persons family wakes up at sunrise and lights the candles on the birthday cake.