Biography presentation

Phonetic drills: Was born, die, choose, success, successful, become, look after, interest, marry, job.
PPT Biography PowerPoint presentation free to download - id: 13072c-YzcyN.
Does he/she like his/her work?
I live I have a family: and.Click to allow Flash, loading.Is he/she successful in his /her work?What was privatekonomi program gratis his /her family like?Did he /she go to college or university?I studied there until 6th form.When was pippi spel online gratis he/she born?It maybe a film star, a well-known singer or a politician, businessman and.What does he/she do in his/her free time?In 2006 I went to the school 103.

I live I have a family: and parents.
I want to.
Listen to the text about Roald Dahl.
My name is I was born Im years old.
Then I went to the boarding school 28 because I had a problem with my health.Act the dialogue out.I go to school.Answer the journalists questions.Get the plugin now.What career did he/she choose?My name is Jana Panasenko.Id like.You can create a poster or a computer presentation about him/her.P r e s e n t a c.

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I go to school.I like.Im interested.I dont like.I want to.Id like.I dream.